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Q:   Will title be transferred by quit claim or warranty deed?

A:   Title will be transferred by warranty deed, and title insurance is included in the closing costs.


Q:   How much are the closing costs?

A:   Depending on the parcel selected, the purchase price, and the type of financing chosen, closing costs range from about $300 to $500.   This includes the entire closing, as well as filing of the warranty deed and all other documents, and full title insurance.


Q:     Can a well be drilled on the 40 acre parcels?

A:   Yes, in Colorado, water and water rights are regulated by law.   A well is allowed on parcels larger than 35 acres for domestic, livestock and gardening use.


Q:   Are all of the roads and easements for access to the parcels deeded and/or filed?

A:     Yes, access to all parcels are via 60' wide access and utility easements, and are or will be deeded and perpetual..


Q:   What are the structures in the photos?

A.   The structures include the original house, barn, corals, sheds and outhouse.   They are not on any of the parcels currently for sale.


Q:   Is the house livable?

A:   Not at this time.   It is old, and has been vacant for years.   Even if it were to be refurbished, the bathroom is about 20 feet North of the back door! (It's an outhouse).


Q:   Are there any photos available of particular lots?

A:   Yes, if there is a particular lot you are interested in, feel free to email me at [email protected] , or [email protected] , and I will provide an explanation of what photos represent which lots, and send more if necessary.


Q.   Are there individual surveys of each lot?

A.   As of May 16, 2006, a new survey showing the overall subdivision, including all lots, roadways and easements has been completed .  Roads are laid out and staked, so individual surveys really aren't needed.   As for the transfers, again surveys are not needed, but are available. Aliquot descriptions and filings will be used, which means each lot  wiill be identified using the County property markers (IE: NE1/2SW1/4).  This will allow for fairly quick and easy location of individual lots.

If an individual lot survey is desired for building or other purposes, the surveyor that will be performing our work in the Spring has offered to conduct individual surveys for those who desire such. The cost is expected to be very reasonable.


Q: Are there written covenants applicable to the property?

A: No, the only restrictions (other than the local zoning codes) or covenants relate to access and utilities. Most lots have a 30’ wide easement along one or two lot lines for those purposes, and 15' wide easements along the remaining lot lines for utlilities.


Q: Is there a homeowner’s association, and if so, what are the fees?

A: No, there is no homeowners association, and there are no fees.


Q: Is electric available to the parcels?

A: Yes, prior to the sale of any parcel electric, telephone and internet service will be available.


Q: Where is the closest airport?

A: The closest (listed) airport is the San Luis Valley Regional Airport 14 miles to the Southwest (I say "listed" because there are a number of local airstrips right near the ranch). Next would be the Monte Vista Municipal Airport , 16 miles West. As far as major airports, there is Pueblo , about 100 miles Northeast, and Colorado Springs , 140 miles Northeast. Denver International and Albuquerque are both about 200 miles, Denver to the North, and Albuquerque to the South.


Q: Does Two Mile Road run East and West?

A: Yes, Two Mile Road runs East and West. If you are standing at the intersection of Two Mile Road and County Road 15S, as indicated on the web site diagram, looking at the Ranch would be looking due North.


Q: What is surrounding the ranch, BLM or other private ranches?

A: The ranch is surrounded by other large, working ranches. At the present time, the neighbors keep their eyes on things for me, and in return, I allow them to graze some of the ranch occasionally (thus all the horses in the photos!).

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