The following photographs were all taken on the Ranch, or at the edges of the Ranch, as described:

This first photo is at the East entrance of the Ranch, looking North (there are two main entrances to the Ranch off of Two Mile Road, one at the West side of the Ranch, and the other about 2 miles East):


A number of the parcels have wells, ponds or both already installed:






All parcels have gorgeous mountain views:



Wildlife abounds throughout the ranch:


This shot is a little blurry, but you can still see the Brown Owl in the tree on the left just above the nest:


The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Monument, boasting the highest sand dunes in North America at 750' and growing, can be viewed from every parcel.  In the following photo, the dunes can be seen above the horses on the left, below the snow capped mountains:


This picture is from the Southeast corner of the Ranch, looking East at 14,300' Mt. Blanca.  This photo was taken in mid-July, during one of the only 2 or 3 months Mt. Blanca is not snow-capped:


This one is from the Southeast corner of the Ranch, looking Northwest:


This one is from the Center of the Ranch, looking East:


This next one is looking West, towards lots 4, 5, 6 and 7:


Although the Valley is well protected from most severe Winter storms as a result of being surrounded by 14,000' mountains, a thirty minute drive in almost any direction will lead to TONS of snow.  This is a shot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains about 1/2 hour North of the Ranch, taken in January of 2007:


This next photo was also taken in January of 2007.  It is a shot taken from the Circle DJ Ranch, looking East at about 9:00 in the morning, showing the storm clouds unable to cross over the mountains.  It is a great example of how the storms circle the Valley, but generally don't enter.  This view was the same in all four directions!


The next few photographs are from online satellite images, and present fairly accurate pictures of the area and Ranch, as described.

The first is an overhead view of the main gates on Two Mile Road at the intersection with County Highway 115.    As you can see, the old homestead, barns, outhouse, sheds and coral are all still standing:


This satellite view is from about 5 miles directly overhead.  The white line near the bottom is the road frontage along Two Mile Road.  That white line is 2 miles in length:


Next is a 3D view looking toward the main gates, North across the entire Ranch:


This view is from 30 miles overhead.  The mountain range to the right is the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  The lower left corner is the City of Alamosa (airport marked nearby), and the Ranch is in the center of the shot, identified by the pine tree marker:


And finally, the Moonrise over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on July 7, 2006, at about 9:45 p.m.:


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