By far, the best way to see all Alamosa County has to offer is to visit the Alamosa County Tourism Development Board's site, at , and the County of Alamosa Government site, at .

The following is just a small taste of what Alamosa County has to offer.  These scanned copies are a bit difficult to read on line, which is why the web sites are listed.  The opportunities and activities in Alamosa County are just like the views - ENDLESS!

Alamosa County publishes numerous periodicals describing the services and amenities of the County:


Downtown Alamosa is a 15 minute drive from the Ranch:


The local speedway has a full Spring & Summer schedule featuring racing of all kinds:


This one speaks for itself!


For more information on the Circle DJ Ranch, and the opportunity to own your own 40 acre ranch at still affordable prices, email us at [email protected]

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