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The Circle DJ Ranch is a 2,200 acre family owned estate located in Alamosa County, Colorado.  Until the mid 1990's, Circle DJ was an active cattle ranch, having been named after and operated by the Stafford family since the mid-1800's.  The ranch also included almost 400 acres of irrigated farm land, and still has the original homestead, barn, coral, sheds and other outbuildings standing.  It was renamed the "Circle DJ Ranch" in honor and remembrance of Douglas J. Cole-Hatchard Jr. (DJ), the brother of Stephen J. Cole-Hatchard, one of the owners of the ranch.  DJ was a 45 year old police officer in upstate New York who died in the line of duty on March 15, 2000.  Stephen continues to serve as a Detective with the Clarkstown Police Department in New City, New York.



The Circle DJ has been divided into a number of forty acre and larger parcels.  All parcels are large in order to provide new owners with the privacy and peace they desire, and to assure each owner will have no issues drilling their well for domestic and livestock use (parcels over 35 acres have the right to drill a well).  In addition, there is adequate acreage for grazing without intruding on neighbors, and plenty of room for planting.

For additional information or a brochure on available parcels, please call or email.

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